The picture above is a hand-drawn poster that was pasted to the side of an abandoned building and it was peeling off. Artist unknown.

Oct 23 – Nov 1, 2014:
After a day on the road, Tal was out checking on a source for water while I was sitting at the table typing an email. The blast doors were open and I looked out at a serene view of the desert. The sun was just going down and it was lighting the mountains up in a wash of gold. As I was admiring the view a coyote trotted by right in front of the open doors. He hesitated, looking in my direction, but when I moved he returned to his trot. He was no doubt looking for his supper and must have smelled our cat. Wow! Living in the wilderness is an amazing adventure and there is a surprise around every turn. Continue reading

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post cover

Oct 14-22

The weather is cooling and Tal was the first one up. He lit a fire. When I climbed out of bed it was warming up nicely and I put a pot of fresh homemade soup on the wood stove to simmer. I sat at our small table and sipped my hot caffeine-laced tea while checking emails and Facebook posts. What a delightful way to start the day – with many more to follow! Continue reading

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Pictured above is Goyo, a one time nature biologist who hunted rattlesnakes.

Oct 6-13, 2014
Venturing out a lonely highway through northern Nevada is my cup of tea. The lonelier the better! However, it is not always easy to find large, level, solid places to pull off the road and park. Having a vehicle with 18 wheels, any of which can get stuck, and trying to turn a truck and trailer around that measure over 65 feet long, well that can be very limiting. Being level is sure nice too so that we aren’t tripping around inside the trailer, especially since we have a wood stove that would be murderous to fall against. Continue reading

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Sept 22-Oct 5, 2014
We moved near an air force base out in the desert. We could hear the fighter jets practicing all day long. It was very exciting to watch their maneuvers. We can see them just after liftoff and just before they land though we don’t have a view of the runway. They are also too far off to take good pictures though I continue to try. We have a pretty good view of the control tower. Continue reading

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