Sept 22-Oct 5, 2014
We moved near an air force base out in the desert. We could hear the fighter jets practicing all day long. It was very exciting to watch their maneuvers. We can see them just after liftoff and just before they land though we don’t have a view of the runway. They are also too far off to take good pictures though I continue to try. We have a pretty good view of the control tower. Continue reading

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Sep 12-22

We watched the movie “Divergent,” and it sure hit close to home. We are living on the edge of society and attract our share of frowns for not being a part of the norm. We don’t contribute to the financial madness as we don’t have over-extended credit, punch a time clock, or have bills piling up in an amount of more than we’ll ever be able to pay. We aren’t paying for electricity or water (most of the time) and don’t pay land taxes as we park on public lands. We don’t pay rent or make house payments. We do have to comply with a few things though, like paying registration and insurance on the semi-truck. In all fairness, I have to point out that we also receive a lot of support – a cheering on for being PRWOGs (Prepper, Road Warriors, Off Grid) and evoking feelings of envy in those who have had the same dream. Continue reading

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