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Sep 12-22

We watched the movie “Divergent,” and it sure hit close to home. We are living on the edge of society and attract our share of frowns for not being a part of the norm. We don’t contribute to the financial madness as we don’t have over-extended credit, punch a time clock, or have bills piling up in an amount of more than we’ll ever be able to pay. We aren’t paying for electricity or water (most of the time) and don’t pay land taxes as we park on public lands. We don’t pay rent or make house payments. We do have to comply with a few things though, like paying registration and insurance on the semi-truck. In all fairness, I have to point out that we also receive a lot of support – a cheering on for being PRWOGs (Prepper, Road Warriors, Off Grid) and evoking feelings of envy in those who have had the same dream.

We spent a couple of fun days at an abandoned roadside dump station that looked to be defunct. The sticker bushes were as bad as they were in the last town we were in. You couldn’t do much trail blazing with thorns poking you at every step. I went no more than ten feet off the path and was whining all the way back as I pulled stickers out of my shoes and socks and ones that managed to attach themselves to my bare legs. The trick was to not get them stuck in my fingers after pulling them off.

The beauty of where we were was the 360 degree views of far distant mountains. What a sensation of space. The sky went on forever – breathtaking!



Farther south of where we were was a dirt road that went back into the wilderness. The first day we walked up the point where we found another bone graveyard like we had found in Cedar City. Several deer were in different stages of decay. We assumed they were dumped road kill.



The next day we walked farther until the dirt/sand road could barely be made out to be a path. It hadn’t seen a human’s passing in a long time. It was getting to be nightfall and I was worried about packs of coyotes waking up from their day’s hidden slumber. They would be hungry! On the way out Tal found a dead steer. Huge horns were still connected, but I wasn’t into trying to take them, though they would have come in handy for hearing aids in our old age! (All joking aside, one thing about being a Prepper, I am always evaluating what something can be used for that we happen upon in the desert.) Tal did collect one antler from a deer and that was good enough to remind us of our time spent there.



We came into town for water and parked near a Native American gas station. It was cute with southwest designs and colors. There was a deep crimson sunset and Tal was sure it was made up of Cesium 137. The stunning sunset was more likely made up of some of the smoke from the California wild fires. The next couple of days you could smell and see the smoke being blown our way.

We are on our way east. Check in on the next post to see where we ended up!

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