A Prepper is someone who prepares for an unknown future. Like good girl and boy scouts, being prepared is a motto that some of us prefer to live by. I have prepared for many things that never came to pass, and I always like to believe that if I am prepared nothing is going to happen. However, should something catastrophic happen, I am prepared at least to some degree.

According to the Indian Medicine Cards (see my BOOKSTORE for link), I am a good Squirrel. I squirrel away a little of everything I can just in case. I am not one of those people who runs out of flour or anything else that is of importance. I don’t have enough storage aboard for all that is important, but at least I have enough to stay comfortable and will eat for a time even if we can’t shop.

Buying in bulk is a terrific way to store up goods for the future. However, it is important to store properly. As this website develops I will be offering lists and information on how to succeed at prepping.

Be sure to visit my PREPPER-STORE. It is filled with the goodies and products that I have come across in my years of living Off Grid, being a farmer, and now living in an Area 51 semi-truck! I first lived Off Gird in 1968 when I moved to a commune in Oregon. We had no power or running water. We ground our own flour for daily homemade bread, cut wood for heat and cooking, and had a four person out-house. We had a large garden and ate fresh salad everyday. I learned how to live very comfortably in that environment. Later I spent fifteen years on my own mini-farm and apiary where my family canned, dried, smoked, and froze food for the year. We had a large garden and 60 ft of cane boysenberries. We also raised rabbits and ducks which went in the stew pot, and had 160 bee hives we pulled honey from (What a lot of work that is, but yum!). Though I have basically been a vegetarian my whole adult life, when you have an abundance of livestock you have to use it. Glad those days are over! Anyway, I have years of experience at “back to bare bone basics.” The up side is I’m also computer savvy and enjoy having this communication tool in order to have a website, upload my books, and meet with you!

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